Issue: July 07, 2011

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It could transform Sacramento and the Central Valley. But will the recession, and politics, put the brakes on California's bullet train? Plus, how much will it cost, should we even build it and will it ever come to Sacramento? All aboard as our writer answers 20 questions on the hope for high-speed rail in 2020.

This week in news: Will a recent Supreme Court ruling, which cited gross overcrowding in the state's prisons, force California to clean up its

act? Leilani Clark reports. Also this week, Bites returns to Twin Rivers, those BIG-thinking Kings arena supporters are seeing green, Amy Yannello

looks at the future of Regional Transit, mosquitoes still bite and SN&R's editorial board feels for college graduates.

And in Arts&Culture: We tend to have a mental, stereotypical image of farmers: Men and women­ gruff and stalwart ­their skin tanned dark from laboring under the harsh summer sun and creviced with deep lines like a weathered cartography map. Brenda Nakamoto doesn't fit that image; Garrett McCord reports on the peach farmer whose memoir was just published by Sacramento's Roan Press.

Also: Greg Lucas does Mongolian barbecue three ways, Maxwell McKee praises The Kings of Shadows, and Rachel Leibrock chats with local musicians without health insurance.

SN&R Staff