All ears

Davis Ranch

13211 Jackson Rd.
Sloughhouse, CA 95683

(916) 682-2658

I’ve been on the East Coast recently, where there are fields upon fields of sweet summer corn just beginning to tassel. The corn to eat here is white, like the silver queen of my childhood memories.

Those interested in sustainable agriculture have been taking a hard look at how much corn we Americans grow, since much of it goes to ethanol and cattle feed rather than our tables. Still, it’s one of the sure signs of summer and hard to give up that seasonal treat.

The good news is that corn is a whole grain and the 2011 Environmental Working Group’s list of the “Clean 15” puts sweet corn at No. 2. The “Clean 15” are those types of produce that are least often contaminated by pesticides.

In our area, the place that many people go for corn is Sloughhouse. In fact, the third annual Davis Ranch Corn Festival is July 16-17. There will be barbecued corn, rides for the kids, live music and—of course—that famous Sloughhouse corn.