Please peas me

This wacky, hormonal spring weather has one good thing going for it: The pea season is longer than usual.

Since peas like somewhat cooler weather, they’ve been happy with the March-like rains in May. I always plant snap peas so I can eat them right off the vine. As a child, my house was surrounded by pea fields, and I would snack on the fat green peas straight from the pods.

They are, though, very nice warm. Steam them with just a bit of butter and fresh mint, and you have nirvana on your lips. Magpie Caterers Market and Cafe (1409 R Street) has recently been offering a lovely spring fettucine of Muscovy duck confit, pea tendrils and roasted sugar snaps. The Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op has floundery flat and sweetly delicious snow peas from Riverdog Farm. For a truly pea-tastic experience, briefly steam fresh English peas, then purée them with a bit of broth and a drizzle of honey. Salt judiciously. Drape the sauce over grilled salmon. Simple perfection.