Sprechen sie brot?

Germans are very good at making beer and sausage. They’ve had a long time to perfect them. But they’re also prolific bakers, making more than 6,000 varieties of bread! Talk about cereal-aisle paralysis.

Fortunately, local German bakery Bäcker Bäck (2610 Marconi Avenue) has just a few of them. On the prowl for some good dark bread recently, I made my first trip. Turns out, they’ve been there for more than two years as the first American outlet of a centuries-old German company.

Prior to opening in Town & Country Village, Bäcker Bäck supplied breads to stores and restaurants. You can also find them at O!Brot cafe in Folsom and Ettore’s European Bakery & Restaurant on Fair Oaks Boulevard.

These loaves are dense and full of fiber and grains. I bought a whole-meal rye with oats on top. The most popular is a triangular bread that’s 90 percent rye and 10 percent wheat. Germans are also very fond of sweets. I tried an incredibly tender lemon-poppy-seed cake, but need to go back for the Nutella-filled pastry.