Bacon sprinkles!?

I’ve been a little obsessed recently with making muffins. The unseasonably cold weather called for baking and, with a preschooler in the house, we needed projects. I also figured it was a good way to get fiber and fruit into said child, and myself, without sacrificing flavor.

So we’ve baked batches of pistachio-chai, blueberry-cornmeal and cherry-oat bran muffins. I resurrected my applesauce muffin recipe (see and my grandmother’s muffin tin.

But as it gets warmer, I’ll be seeking treats from other ovens. Old Soul Co. makes a variety of yummy cakelets. We tested a black-bottom muffin the other day with a dollop of cream cheese on top.

Mighty Kong Café (3701 Stockton Boulevard) is known for fruity bran muffins, available in smaller sizes. For a really different take, try the Stud Muffin at TreyBcakes (1801 L Street). It’s a savory muffin made of meatloaf wrapped in pastry and frosted with a swirl of creamy mashed potatoes and bacon sprinkles.