Issue: June 23, 2011

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The cables, wires, and fiber optics that deliver the Internet are now as important as the printing presses and broadcast towers that defined the 20th century's media empires. Small advantages in the speed can dictate winners and losers in everything from news to apps. That's why media activists call net neutrality the most important free-speech issue of our time. Carly Carioli helps us learn: Are we up or down in the war for a free-flowing Internet?

It's named the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Most know it as "Obamacare." Whatever you call it, some 200,000 Sacramentans will be eligible for health care in 2014 because of it. SN&R publisher Jeff vonKaenel looks at the implementation of health-care reform in California.

Also this week: Bites nibbles at redistricting proposals, Robbie Waters advocates for medical cannabis and our editorial board urges the Kings arena commission not to overlook the intermodal transit hub.

The still-kinda-new Crocker Art Museum makes a big first summer impression with three impressionist exhibitions. Greg Lucas spends a day at the museum. Also this week: Jonathan Kiefer tries to figure out Terrence Malick's latest, and Jeff McCrory scoops Ricky Berger's new project.

SN&R Staff