Cars 2

Rated 2.0

That sleek automobile Lightning McQueen (voice by Owen Wilson) enters a series of “World Grand Prix” races; meanwhile, his sidekick Tow Mater (Larry the Cable Guy) is mistaken for an undercover agent by two British spy cars (Michael Caine, Emily Mortimer). It seems the gang at Pixar Animation Studios is human after all—they’ve finally come out with an out-and-out stinker. It’s hard to say which was its biggest mistake: promoting the redneck tow truck from supporting comic relief to lead (like Larry the Cable Guy himself, the character is too obnoxious and annoying to carry a whole movie on his own), or sacrificing strong story values in favor of a fuzzy-headed sermon (for a whopping two hours) about alternative fuel technology and the importance of being yourself. Many stars contribute voice work, to no avail.