Fug novel

Despite its title, Spoiled is a perfectly behaved teen soap of a novel in the tradition of Gossip Girl or Pretty Little Liars. Midwestern orphan Molly Dix discovers she’s the secret spawn of blockbuster movie star Brick Berlin. She promptly flies to Los Angeles to share a mansion with her father and her rabidly jealous, overly pampered sister Brooke. (Spoiler alert: Brooke does most of the spoiling throughout.) Backstabbing and tabloid standoffs occur, tempered with enough humor and family values to make for a pleasant beach read. The real fun lies for readers already familiar with the authors’ fashion/comedy blog Go Fug Yourself. Members of Fug Nation will recognize the sort-of-snarky faux movie titles and dishy asides about Us Weekly nonsense and Tyra Banks’ ego that make GFY a daily must-read. Spoiled already has a sequel, Messy, coming out in the spring. Here’s hoping for even more fugly humor.