Too much mint!

illustration by Mark Stivers

About two years ago, I moved into an apartment that actually had a small parcel of land that was more than enough for vegetable gardening. I planted two varieties of mint in one corner. Everyone told me not to do this because all mints are weeds and will take over everything, but, you know, tra-la-la, I did it anyway.

I should have listened. I am now inundated with chocolate mint and spearmint. They are unstoppable beasts.

I’ve had to get creative with it all. I’m steeping some leaves into mint tea every night. Mint leaves are getting chopped up into raitas, pilafs and curries of every kind. Need some mint jelly? I have plenty. Whole leaves are getting tossed into salads. I’ve dreamt up every mint cocktail I can think of, and I am curing a bit of mint-vanilla bean vodka for the holidays as gifts. I am giving scores of it away to caterers, chefs, cooks, friends and coworkers.

Still, there is too much mint. So to the newbie gardeners, please listen: Put your mint in a pot.