Hibernation ends

illustration by MARK STIVERS

“Where the hell did all these people come from?” my roommate asked. The farmers market was swelling with people and the parking lot was nearly half full. It was only 9 in the morning. While I’m happy to see the local Sacramento community pouring into the farmers markets to purchase seasonal produce, which both supports local farmers and encourages a healthier lifestyle, it begs the question: Where the hell were these people in winter?

I get it. No one wants to get up early in the morning in winter when it’s dark, stormy and cold. Right now is perfect family-picnic weather, so why wouldn’t you be outside? The produce in winter—though varied and sweet—doesn’t have quite the same appeal as those in spring. It seems that pumpkins and persimmons don’t have that culinary gravitational pull that baskets of blackberries do.

Still, shouldn’t this healthy eating and boosting of the local economy be happening year-round? Why are you hibernating, Sacramentans?! Man up a bit and brave the cold weather once all this sun dies down. Make the effort and be better for it.