Rated 3.0

Charles Bronson made his fifth and final Death Wish movie in 1994, and if I had asked then which actor would be most apt to carry on the revenge-at-all-costs torch, I doubt that Liam Neeson’s name would have even come up. Yet here we are in the realm of Unknown, with Neeson once again fighting back against the forces of international coproduction that dared to fuck with him and his family. Neeson is Dr. Martin Harris, a seemingly staid type attending a summit in Berlin when his taxi plunges into the river. Upon awaking and regaining his memory, Dr. Harris discovers that his wife (January Jones, half awake as usual) denies his existence and a doppelganger (Aidan Quinn) has taken his place. Cue indignant ass kicking! Unknown isn’t half-bad for brain-dead trash, and young director Jaume Collet-Serra shows a decent flair for suspense unmatched by the script.