Issue: July 14, 2011

Dear SN&R reader!

This week's feature story: When it looked like longtime SN&R contributor

Sasha Abramsky and his family would be heading off to the East Coast for new jobs and a new home, the writer started taking stock. What would he miss, and not miss, about the place he'd called home for seven years? Here's what he

discovered in the process of leaving--and then not--the Sacramento region.

In news: Is the city of Roseville's entertainment, dancing and live-music ordinance a de facto ban? Or are upset parties such as The Station, a trolley-train nightclub on the city's outskirts, getting a bit too fast and Footloose with the rules? Raheem Hosseini reports on the party in Roseville. Also, Sacramento City Council gets healthy and fit, Bobby Burns supporters hope to

get a park named after him, and Hugh Biggar goes for a ride looking for sunken (non) treasure in the Delta.

In arts&culture: Who keeps the local jazz scene's backbeat? Longstanding SN&R music writer Jackson Griffith profiles Alex Jenkins, equally longstanding local drummer with a new release featuring his immersive sound. Also this week: Kel Munger reports on the poets, who are coming (the poets are coming!); Greg Lucas sips the city's best brews, and Jim Lane says goodbye to Harry Potter.

SN&R Staff