Issue: July 21, 2011

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This week in SN&R: Big corporations have increasingly been buying up organic and natural brands in recent years. The trend has prompted some hard questions about what happens when a small eco-conscious company sells to the likes of Coke or ConAgra. Can the new corporate parent be trusted to continue the sustainable practices that earned it a loyal following in the first place? In "Big/Green," Christine MacDonald seeks an answer in this week's feature.

In news: A strong voice for the central city, more power for Latino voters and greater clout for gay and lesbian voters. These, among other things, may wind up being the legacy of months work by local citizen groups and the Sacramento

Citizens' Redistricting Advisory Committee ­formed earlier this year to help draw new districts for members of the Sacramento City Council. Cosmo

Garvin reports on the city's new political map. Also this week: gay-conversion confusion, New York Times and "the flood," the future of green building and gardening without getting your hands dirty.

In arts&culture: Two rare genetic diseases take a doctor and bicycle enthusiast on a new journey. Jonathan Mendick reports on Stuart Gherini and the ride of his life. Also this week in arts: Del Paso Boulevard goes NASA with Launch, Natomas loses some tasty Indian eats, Woods reinvents the music label and visits Sacramento, and doughnuts go vegan.

SN&R Staff