Chill out

illustration by MARK STIVERS

Not everyone has an ice-cream maker at home. Even some avid cooks don’t. They cite the expense ($50 on, and it will last you forever) or lack of space (ditch the TV), but, eh, whatever. For those of you without an ice-cream maker who want some easy and cheap frozen treats for the summer, there are two ways to go: popsicles and granitas.

For popsicles you need a mold. There are some that you can buy at many department stores for cheap, or just use some old ice-cube trays and toothpicks. Use your favorite juice, or perhaps cook some mashed berries with a bit of sugar and stir that into some plain yogurt. Pour into the molds and freeze, and then hand to guests for an easy and trendy dessert.

Granitas are simply shaved ices made at home. Take 4-6 cups of brewed coffee or chai tea, pour it into a shallow baking dish and place it in the freezer. Every half-hour, rake the frozen crystals with a fork. After a few hours—bam!—shards of delicious granita. Serve in chilled bowls with some freshly whipped and sweetened cream.