Issue: July 28, 2011

Dear SN&R reader!

Think about how many uniquely Sacramento places, faces and things

have gone by the wayside over the past year alone, disappearing at an

increasingly hasty click. (Well, don't think too hard, lest ye

unleash the proverbial eye faucet.) In this week's feature story,

SN&R staff has compiled a very "Retromento" bucket list, but with a

twist: 99 things to do, see, or experience in the greater Sacto area

before you're gone.

In news this week, Cosmo Garvin follows up on the state of the city

manager: Will John Shirey actually take the job? Also this week: The

future of solar power in deserts and on rooftops; community gardens

in the central city; broken pipes underground; and why you should

smog your whip.

From the arts scene: Kreayshawn's now the hottest rapper, male or

female, getting love from MTV. Her roots are in NorCal, specifically

Oakland, but her creation story is still a bit of a mystery. Bay

Area-based music scribe Rachel Swan debunks the Kreayshawn myths.

Also this week: Captain American gets five friggin' stars (!!!) from

Jim Lane; artist Nathan Cordero chats about cutting up wood; and Ed

Murrieta visits with Dale Maharidge.

SN&R Staff