Issue: August 04, 2011

Dear SN&R reader!

This week's feature: Who's using water? Of the 48 trillion gallons of water produced by the City of Sacramento's treatment plants and wells last year, the vast majority is used by private residences. But there are plenty of big

water users out there, and their thirst is mind-boggling. SN&R decided to look at water issues in the region and provide you a list, gleaned from water meter data provided by the City's Utility Department, of the top 20 non-residential water users in the city of Sacramento.

In other news, SN&R has the latest Sacramento City Council redistricting drama update: secrets revealed, backroom maneuverings and even a new map that would have Councilman Steven Cohn saying goodbye to Midtown. Cosmo Garvin reports. Also this week: Will bike-sharing work in the central city? Will anti-LGBT crusaders keep gay and lesbian civil rights education out of schools?

Will SMUD's vision of Sacto's energy future pan out? Will those crazies in D.C. hold the country hostage-­to the death!?

And in Arts&Culture, those little (creative) monsters at Midtown school ArtBeast hold a key to the Sacto's cultural future, or so reports Lovelle Harris. Also this week: Bows & Arrows gallery has the good prescription; Greg Lucas celebrates Caribbean eats at Cafe Connection; Nick Miller catches up with the Ganglians; and Miller also shares the true fate of Old Ironsides.

SN&R Staff