Wed, Aug 10, King Tuff

Davis Bike Collective, 8 p.m., $5

If you’re not a sucker for fuzzed-out power pop with an uptempo party vibe, then I don’t really want to know you. Seriously. Tough love, yes, but there’s really no gray area when it comes to a band such as King Tuff. Feel-good jams with catchy melodies and a beer-can-crushing ’70s vibe. Check. Woo-hoo train-off-the-tracks rock energy packed into three-and-a-half-minute jams. All aboard! It’s the kind of soundtrack you’d hear in your head while blasting northward on two wheels down 21st Street after cold ones and sonic power-pop troupes at the now-defunct Hub (RIP). Bless this rock ’n’ roll! With Audacity (on Burger Records). 1221 1/2 Fourth Street in Davis.