Fri, Aug 12, In the Silence

On the Y, 9 p.m., $6

On The Y

670 Fulton Ave.
Sacramento, CA 95825

(916) 487-3731

This one warrants a full disclosure: In the Silence’s Josh Burke may moonlight as a prog/hard-rock vocalist and guitarist, but during the day he dominates as an ad rep with SN&R. Anyway, I caught wind of him being in a band because, every once in a while, I’d catch a glimpse of him ripping up his acoustic ax at work. And now his group, who’s just finishing up in the studio with work on an EP, is really taking off on the local scene. Think five-piece melodic rock jams with both a spiritual edge and a penchant for metal-inspired explosions. Catch ’em this Friday with Murderlicious, Vital Perception and Solanum. 670 Fulton Avenue,