We’re jammin’

Over the last few years, home canning has had a big resurgence. You can now find canning equipment and jars in all kinds of places (Target!). Several years ago, we had 11 pounds of green tomatoes late in the season that weren’t likely to ripen. Instead of throwing them away, we made them into green tomato chutney, which we’re still eating.

But the popular subject in canning lately is jam. There are all kinds of ways to do it. Ginger Hahn of Ginger Elizabeth Chocolates (1801 L Street) has been using a French oven method to make small batches of delectable flavors like Bing cherry-vanilla and elderflower-plum.

Diane Madison sells her preserves at the Davis Farmers Market with distinctive cat labels. Her D. Madison & Daughters line specializes in marmalade, but you’ll also find fig and berry varieties.

Loomis-based Earth & Vine Provisions (available at Corti Brothers) makes a huge variety of products, but its blueberry-lemon-ginger and blackberry-peach jams are especially lovely smeared on a toasted slice of hearty bread.