Fri, Aug 5, Musical Charis

Cesar Chavez Plaza, 5 p.m., no cover

Cesar Chavez Plaza

10th And J Streets
Sacramento, CA 95814

(916) 529-5299

The hardest-working band in Sacramento—who plays more shows in a week than any other local act I’ve seen—will drop its latest EP this week. Called Ace of Space, the official street date is August 11, but maybe you’ll be able to grab a copy a week early. Get ready for seven free-for-all, party-time jams, complete with Blake Abbey’s feet-never-touch-the-ground frontman energy and Jessie Brune’s sweet alto and keyboard stylings. The park show will feature the duo and whoever else hops on the stage to join in on the jam, as per their signature style. With Be Brave Bold Robot, Adrian Bourgeios and San Kazakgascar. Tenth and J streets,