Issue: August 11, 2011

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In this week's Frontlines, the big news is that comedian and political commentator Bill Maher is bummed out. He's bummed out on President Barack

Obama, who "signed his own death warrant," Maher argued, with last week's debt-ceiling deal. And he's bummed on the perennially nutso Tea Partiers, not to mention on run-of-the-mill, scummy Republicans, Texas Gov. Rick Perry, and

even Sacramento's pot club imbroglio. Nick Miller chats with the Real Time With Bill Maher host in time for his show in Sacramento.

In our feature story, local poet and regular SN&R contributor Josh Fernandez asks: Who was Charles Bukowski? His Sacramento friends, lovers and buddies say "Hank," as they called him, was a simple poet, husband, fabulist. The poet laureate of skid row. Not necessarily the drunk barroom brawler of lore. Fernandez hangs with his old pals and unearths the real Bukowski.

And what really happens when hundreds of thousdands of nerds and geeks converge on San Diego for its annual Comic-Con International event? Hilton Collins reports for the Arts&Culture section on the big to-do down south.

Also this week: Greg Lucas ups the ante and goes big at Yard House in Roseville, Rachel Leibrock jams it with Calexico, Jim Lane takes in The

Help, and Nick Miller shares a Russ Meyer-Roger Ebert story about boobs.

SN&R Staff