Issue: August 18, 2011

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This week in the Sacramento News & Review:

The city of Sacramento brims with established creative types, but it's the people bubbling just beneath the mainstream surface that excite us most right now. Visual artists and designers. Chefs and crafters. Musicians and documentary filmmakers. Directors and writers. We tried to figure out what makes Sacramento's newest creative types tick­ from inspiration and process

to dreaming about the future. We bring you SN&R's list of 25 of the region' most notable creative up-and-comers in this week's feature by Rachel Leibrock.

In news, Bites says that we should spend the $80-or-so billion on high-speed rail­because we're gonna have to spend it anyway, Cosmo Garvin looks at project-labor-agreement feuds, Nick Miller zeroes in on the city's new plan for

zero-emissions, Hugh Biggar asks why so many Los Rios kids aren't going to Sac State or UC Davis, and Kat Kerlin chats with one of the region's pre-eminent climateologists.

The arts scene is on film festival overload: Kel Munger previews the Sacramento Film and Music Festival and Jonathan Kiefer talks Nevada City

Film Fest. In music, Nick Miller chats up emcee Random Abiladeze, while food critic Greg Lucas praises Adam Pechal's Thir13en.

SN&R Staff