Bros before prose

Broetry isn’t really a book of poetry. It’s the satirical work of the “broet,” a fictional frat- boy-type guy with an English major. No, it’s not to be taken at face value as a serious work of poetry, or as autobiographical, and whoever is offended by the work simply doesn’t get it. Obviously, author Brian McGackin isn’t a bro: He has a master’s degree in poetry from the University of Southern California, and this is his first book. However, through careful observation, the young author understands and masterfully regurgitates the psyche of the 20- to 30-year-old bro male onto the page. Yes, at times it’s misogynistic, stupid and vain. But most of the time it’s a hilariously honest look at the American bro. Take, for example these lines from the poem “Haikougar” for example: “Age, intelligence / nationality – none of / that dumb shit matters. / Ann Coulter is a / right-wing conservative nut, / but I’d still do her.” Grab some beer and pizza, and enjoy.