One Day

Rated 2.0

Director Lone Scherfig follows up on An Education with this drippy, inadvertently humorless Anglophilic pseudo-tragedy, adapted by David Nicholls from his own novel. Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess play a pair of romantically entangled college chums who’ve stayed friends through their “fateful” post-college years, which amount to a highly abbreviated two decades’ worth of piddle, plus pointless nonlinear suspense about the mechanics of their consummation. With Hathaway in the Zellweger mode of English-accent fakery and Sturgess seeming almost too prissy to register, it’s not even quite the guilty pleasure it promises, but is as embarrassingly domesticated as the Elvis Costello song that unfurls over its closing credits. Also with Rafe Spall, commendably subtle as a dopey sad sack for whom Hathaway briefly settles.