Glee: The 3D Concert Movie

Rated 3.0

Fans of the Fox series will love this record of the cast’s concert tour; even those who resist the show’s charms may have a good time. The kids (plus one surprise guest star) throw an enthusiastic show, and actually seem to be singing for real (at least, if they’re lip-synching, they’re better at it here than on TV). We learn nothing about the individual performers; they stay in character at all times, even backstage in the dressing and makeup rooms. We learn more about some of the “gleeks” waiting in line for the concert; director Kevin Tancharoen focuses on four of them (including a Yuba City High School cheerleader) whose inspirational stories mesh well with the series’ cheerful, upbeat style. The 3-D is deployed well in the concert footage. In the documentary stuff, not so much.