Issue: August 25, 2011

Dear SN&R reader!

In this week's issue, Adrianne Jeffries and Ted Cox ask: Is Facebook on the decline? New reports indicate that, for the first time in its existence, the mega-popular social-networking site recently lost users. Our contributors log in to the ever-changing Facebook world to look at who's statuses are updated, who's logging off­ and who's canceled and moved on to greener pastures (such as Google Plus).

In news, SN&R staff writer Hugh Biggar reports on 20 new regional fractured-hydraulic sites­-known as "fracking"--and whether companies will soon be

looking for natural gas within the city and county. Also this week: Bites looks at Oak Park's Astroturf problem, Lien Hoang explains why your

cell phone is a snitch, Hugh Biggar reveals whose debit card you're going to need to cash in your unemployment and Jenn Walker interviews Oak Park's solar chef.

Big news in arts! The 20th anniversary Sammies nominees are out now! Voting starts Thursday, August 25, at and the Sammies

winners will be announced at the 20th annual Sammmies Awards and Block Party, which will go down for free on 20th Street on Saturday, October 1.

SN&R Staff