Sweet licks

Is anyone out there so over this popsicle food trend? Well, here’s another one to try, so suck it. Or lick it, whatever. Dave Feldpausch developed a process—duBlé—to make creamy, yet dairy-free frozen treats on a stick called DavePops. He makes up to six dozen a day and has been vending them out of a cart since 2008. Flavors include cantaloupe (Feldpausch’s personal favorite), mango-mandarin orange, root beer, Red Bull and the nonvegan mint-chocolate chip (I implore you, Mr. DavePops, use dairy-free chips!). He even makes sugar-free popsicles, LukePops, inspired his nephew’s—its namesake—diabetes diagnosis. Pretty sweet. Find out where his cart will be next at www.davepops.com.