Pass the pasty

First, it’s pronounced “PASS-tea,” not “PACE-tea.” Second, if you’re not familiar with pasties, they’re hand pies made famous in Cornwall, England, by coal miners. The miners’ wives would bake up nutritious fillings inside pastry cases that their men could eat one-handed. The most famous filling is beef and potato, but I’ve heard of meat at one end and apple pie filling at the other. Now that’s a well-balanced meal.

Locally, Fox & Goose (1001 R Street) serves vegetarian and Cornish (beef and potato) pasties that are so big they require two hands.

Then there’s the Pasty Shack (4746 J Street) in East Sacramento. It’s been there for only about 20 years of its 60-year run and serves fillings like Mexican and Bavarian.

But the best pasty news recently is the appearance of Becky Jo Pies at Corti Brothers (5810 Folsom Boulevard). Teresa Urkofsky, formerly of Babycakes Bakery, is now producing all-butter crust hand pies! The August menu includes nectarine-raspberry, chocolate-caramel and tomatoes/corn/goat cheese with pesto among others. Hand ’em over!