Medi-cann makeover

Midtown Collective’s budtender talks about the dispensary’s new look, favorite buds

Photo By Santiago Meza

Midtown Collective on P Street recently underwent a remodel that has it in the running for one of the nicest dispensaries in the region, complete with a vast meds selection, good help and a calming aesthetic. M.C. budtender Nicholas Avey talks about the makeover, life behind the counter and why he changed his mind about marijuana.

How’d you get into budtending?

Midtown Collective hired me to do graphic design. I had tried most of the strains from doing product photos, and I ended up helping out their budtenders during peak hours.

Why do you use medical cannabis?

I had been against cannabis up until I was 23. I had microfracture knee surgery, and the Norcos prescribed to me would turn me into a daytime zombie. My roommate suggested I try cannabis for the pain, so instead of laying in bed feeling like a zombie, I was up reading, writing and working on various art projects. Medical cannabis motivates my creative side and helps with my reoccurring knee pain.

What’s the coolest thing you’ve learned about cannabis since becoming a budtender?

I’ve been reading about a recent connection with cannabis treatments helping to kill cancer cells, and I am really excited for the progression of medical science and cannabis. For the last 50 years, cannabis has been about politics, and it’s really good to see that we are now starting to focus on the actual science.

Do you have a most popular strain?

Our regulars have given us a lot of good feedback on our Green X, which is a sativa-dominant hybrid. Our returning patients love the energetic sativa effect—very motivational, good for cleaning the house—and our patients keep on coming back for more.

What’s the most surprising thing about the job?

The eclectic amount of friendly patients we see every day. The one consistent thing between our patients is their friendly attitude. Our patients are medicating, and it’s making them happy.

So what’s good now?

We just got in Grape Wreck, which is a cross between Grape Ape and Trainwreck. Grape Wreck is a very beautiful bud that is covered in crystals, has a delicious grape flavor, gives an amazing body high and does wonderful things to the cerebral. Definitely worth trying out.