Jealousy will get you Spotify

Xylophone takeover:
I spent the last Friday evening in June at Beatnik Studios, where there’s always something to do on the last Friday of every month. And July 29 is no exception: Damon Wyckoff of Forever Goldrush will bust out a solo set, Be Brave Bold Robot will stoke its jam flames, plus sets by Soft Science and Arts & Leisure.

At last month’s show, Hot Tar Roofers brought students from West Campus High School onstage for the last song of their set, which included taking over Beatnik with nearly a dozen xylophones. Rich chimes rolled throughout the gallery-cum-venue, and it was one of the more unusual, even magical music moments I’ve experienced all year.

See what goes down this Friday, which is also a Leukemia & Lymphoma Society benefit show (2421 17th Street, 8 p.m., $5 donation, all ages).

Kanye’s back!:
My old pal Kanye West will bring his Watch the Throne tour, with none other than double-dip retiree Jay-Z, to Power Balance Pavilion what will be forever known as Arco Arena on October 17. Tickets go on sale August 8. No price points yet.

Last time Kanye was in town, I stalked him at Midtown’s Hangar recording studio, where I could hear him through an open window rapping about “Bobby and Whitney” and abusing Auto-Tune on a track that would later appear on 808s & Heartbreak.

His security guard later threatened to break a camera across my face, and also bullied an 18-year-old SN&R intern. (During the show, West also forgot he was in the 916 and yelled, “What’s up, Seattle!”)

Turns out, we got off easy; weeks later, West attacked a paparazzi at Los Angeles International Airport and beat the crap out of his camera (the SN&R staff camera remains intact, bless its outdated heart).

Can’t wait for October!

Big releases, big parties:
Who doesn’t have an album dropping this summer? Here’s a rundown of a few release parties in the coming weeks:

Local dance-electronic-pop four-piece Favors has the gall to put out their latest—on cassette!—which drops at The Press Club (2030 P Street) next Thursday, August 4, 9 p.m., with performances by Evan Bailey and the Happy Medium.

Rockers Terra Ferno will drop their latest at Shenanigans (705 J Street) on Friday, August 19, 8 p.m., with Some Fear None, Picture Me Broken and Into the Desert. Five bucks gets you in if you buy the CD.

Kill the Precedent will put out a much-anticipated EP release, with performances by the Snobs, Will Haven and City of Vain, on Saturday, August 6, at Harlow’s (2708 J Street, 9 p.m., $10).

And newly reunited Forever Goldrush will drop its latest, Amador Frequency, on Friday, August 12, also at Harlow’s (9 p.m., $8).

If you go to all these shows, and can prove it, you are a pavement-pounding scenester god and I will have my intern give you a foot massage.

Launched it!:
Congratulations to the Launch music, fashion, architecture, art and design festival—for getting shut down by the cops for the second year in a row! It’s true: Sacramento PD arrived after midnight to crash the fun just before local electronic producer D.A.M.B.’s set (D.A.M.B. it?).

Anyway, in all seriousness, wasn’t that an inspiring festival? A hotel transformed into an indie-boutique shopping mall/art gallery! Pretty much all the top acts—the Dreaded Diamond, Ganglians, Sister Crayon, Exquisite Corps, Who Cares?, Favors—that local music has to offer! Actually getting people to show up to an event on Del Paso Boulevard! And subwoofers with bass so bumping, even the crackheads hustling blocks away could feel the beats!

Anyway, muchos kudos to the Launchers for an inventive, wild good time. And special thanks to Mama Kim food truck for dope nachos and a Magpie-worthy BLT.

Spotify jealousy?:
I was just about to write: “Spotify is for music listeners who no longer actually listen to music?” … and then I finally got my Spotify invite. Look for a review this week on the Sound Advice blog,