Sat, July 30, Ekin Cheng

Cache Creek Casino Resort, 7:30 p.m., $58-$158

Cache Creek Casino Resort

14455 Hwy. 16
Brooks, CA 95606

(888) 772-2243

Why so expensive? Well, for one, Chinese pop stars seem to work twice as hard as American ones: They pretty much all play dual roles as actors/singers (think J-Lo or Justin Timberlake). Such is the case with Ekin Cheng, famous for roles in Hong Kong films such as Young and Dangerous, Tokyo Raiders and Storm Riders. Though his career took a sour turn after several failed romances that were well chronicled in Chinese tabloids, he still has lasting star power. Opener Kay Tse’s career is on the upswing, and she’s one of Hong Kong’s rising stars. Expect U2-style props and Britney Spears-style showmanship. Knowledge of Cantonese recommended. 14455 Highway 16 in Brooks,