Sac o’ tomatoes

Town & Country Village

Corner Of Fulton And Marconi Avenues
Sacramento, CA 95821

(916) 972-7337

Arguments have long been had on whether tomatoes are fruits or vegetables. Tomatoes are botanically fruits, despite their long-standing legal status as a vegetable (since 1893). For culinary purposes, they’re used in cooking alongside vegetables, but some variants—like sun golds, cherry tomatoes and green zebras—are sweet enough to be eaten raw like a fruit. Surely, if you’ve lived in Sacramento long enough, you’ve heard the city called Sacratomato, or a similar version of the name. Whether you think the tomato is a fruit or vegetable, we get a lot of summer sun, perfect for growing them on farms or in the backyard.

So it’s fitting then, that the second annual Sacramento Tomatofest is happening this Saturday at Town & Country Village. Tomato lovers and growers can participate in competitions for largest tomato, smallest tomato and ugliest tomato, with one winner in each category receiving a $500 cash prize. Chefs will also compete in a cooking competition highlighting the tomato. Contestants will battle against last year’s winner Jon Nelson of Sienna Restaurant, creating tomato-based foods such as salsa, bruschetta and tomato soup. Other activities include live music, wine tasting, performances by the Sacramento Theatre Company and demonstrations from tomato gardeners. New to the festivities this year is the Tomato Trot, a run through the shopping plaza for kids. Come hungry: There will be samples.

The free celebration of the tomato coincides with Town & Country Village’s annual sidewalk sale, for those who want to do some shopping as well, July 29-31.

The Sacramento Tomatofest happens Saturday, July 30, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Town & Country Village on the corner of Marconi and Fulton avenues. For more information, call (916) 933-4056 or visit