Issue: June 03, 2010


Will science discover someday that even the low dose of radiation given off by your cell phone is actually enough to scramble your brain? Nancy Brands Ward seeks an answer. Next in Frontlines, Kel Munger reveals how the Effie Yeaw Nature Center looks to be saved, at least for now. In Green Days, Sena Christian introduces us to some Good Humus, Auntie Ruth picks a peeve with Michael Pollan and Jeff vonKaenel praises a local campaign that just brought it home for the homeless.

Feature story

Would it surprise you to learn that the Sacramento region has an invisible economy? Spurred on by the economic downturn, more and more people are bartering their goods, services and time through barter clubs, trading sites and exchanges. It no longer seems to be symbol of anything countercultural-barter has become part of the regular business landscape. SN&R regular contributor Sasha Abramsky reports in from Barter Town.

Arts & Culture

Sure, you’d tell that annoying anonymous commenter to go stick it where the moon doesn’t shine. But then who exactly is this unidentified unknown, and where is he/she they lurking online? So it goes with Internet trolls and jerk commenters. Brianna Synder looks at the online commenting’s Lord of the Flies-ness. Also this week: Greg Lucas eats sushi and Tater Tots, Jonathan Kiefer makes the Splice, Mosi Reeves thinks about Themselves and Nick Miller chills at a dubstep party.