Get Him to the Greek

Rated 2.0

A music company executive (Jonah Hill) has to fly to London to escort a notoriously unreliable rock star (Russell Brand) to a concert at Los Angeles’ Greek Theatre, but the singer’s insane sex-drugs-rock-'n'-roll lifestyle keeps veering off the itinerary. Writer-director Nicholas Stoller’s script sets a new standard for stupid—he apparently thinks it’s possible to travel from L.A. to New York in 45 minutes (either that or he thinks we’ll go along with it because we’re just having so much fun). The movie is like being stuck on a field-trip bus with an obnoxious ninth-grade class clown who won’t shut up and get out of your face—you wish he’d just leave you alone, but some of the things he says and does really are pretty funny. Maybe one in 50. Best performance comes from Sean “P. Diddy” Combs as Hill’s Type A boss.