Issue: May 27, 2010


Want to save the Sacramento County Animal Shelter from closing to the public? All you have to do is register your dog. You know, like you’re supposed to do anyway, by law. Read more in this week’s news section. And Bites finds out Angelique Ashby is perfectly cool with dirty campaign tricks—when they’re on the other candidate. Also in news: Not sure how to vote on Proposition 15? Here’s a hint: The lobbyists hate it. Need a bigger hint? Vote“yes”! But first, check out all of the election endorsements on our editorial pages. In Green Days, Sacramento leads the state in green-job growth, and Auntie Ruth considers BP’s Corexit strategy and develops a bad case of eco-depression.

Feature story

The term“child labor”conjures up images of kids slaving away in the sweatshops of New Delhi or the mines of Sierra Leone. But look a little closer, and you’ll find the problem exists much closer to home, too, right here on the outskirts of Sacramento. Reporter Sena Christian reveals the truth about the children of migrant farmworkers and considers what is being done to give these youth protection from unsafe labor and a chance at an education.


There are the people who prepare your morning coffee-pushing buttons, steaming milk and adding all sorts of vanilla syrup or soy-based whatever-and there are true baristas. How can you tell the difference? It’s in the cup. Nick Miller reveals Sacramento’s best baristas. Also this week: Kel Munger beams herself up, Greg Lucas accepts a dim-sum duel, Jim Lane takes in Sex and the City 2 and Josh Fernandez looks at Random Abiladeze’s alter ego.