Sat, May 29, iPhone/noise battle

Sol Collective, 9 p.m., call for cover

Sol Collective

2574 21st St.
Sacramento, CA 95817

(916) 832-0916

I was in an iPod battle once. I sucked it up and it was a disaster. This cool event at Sol Collective, hosted by Kon396 and Tha Fruitbat (pictured), sounds more promising: Set up an iPod or iPhone playlist of your fave tracks, hand it over and then face off against another contestant’s tunes to see who the crowd prefers. Hosts will select songs randomly, songs will play for 25 seconds and judges choose who goes to the next round. The catch: Use an iPod Touch or iPhone application that allows you to create your own mashes. Otherwise, you’ll be playing lame tracks and probably will fail. Like me. 2574 21st Street,