Issue: May 20, 2010


Kicking off Frontlines this week is Kel Munger’s report on the midlife crisis underway at the Sacramento Gay & Lesbian Center. Next comes a surprise: Greg Lucas drops in on Warren Buffett’s shareholder fest in Omaha, Nebraska, and reports in with just how far the billionaire’s tentacles reach into Sacramento. In Green Days, Nancy Brands Ward reviews the role farm subsidies play in the obesity epidemic, Carol Wilson goes for (not against) the grain and Jeff vonKaenel considers the recent controversy over medical-marijuana ads.

Feature story

The June 8, 2010 primary approaches, so here’s SN&R’s down and dirty guide to the local races for city council, board of supervisors and the state Assembly. SN&R’s Cosmo Garvin gives a rundown on who’s probably going to win and why, as well as what they’re likely to do if elected. Many of the most powerful players are the same as ever, but make no mistake: When it comes to the endgame on June 8, unions and developers will play the largest role in deciding who wins and who loses.


Come to think of it, setting up an art gallery in a bathroom is truly a genius idea. You’re already sitting down; it’s a quiet, even reflective, moment. So I guess that makes local visual artist Jairus Tonel’s new guerrilla art project pretty smart. Lovelle Harris reports. Also this week: 21 reasons to hit up SN&R’s 21st birthday block party, Greg Lucas tries Midtown’s new Indian joint, Rachel Leibrock hears out Keri Carr’s new Spanish-music project, and Becky Grunewald gets Lost with tribute band the Constants.