Where do you eat out when it’s one of those nights when you just want to go somewhere familiar, have a good meal and relax? I asked SN&R contributor and Midtown Monthly food writer Becky Grunewald about her favorite go-to standbys.

“If I’m in the mood to bike, I head to Magpie [Caterers] Market and Cafe (1409 R Street). With a companion, I’ll split the chicken for two and get a Pliny the Elder—if they’re in stock. Alone, I’ll probably get a salad. I love their toast spears!

“If I don’t mind driving, I’ll go to Pho Saigon (5304 Stockton Boulevard) for the pho with rare steak, brisket and tendon. Or to Huong Lan Sandwiches (6930 65th Street) for a banh mi or bowl of bun with their sweet, succulent grilled pork.

“I commute from Davis to Sac, so if I want takeout for dinner, I’ll swing by Vientiane (1001 Jefferson Boulevard) in West Sac and get the stuffed angel wings, papaya salad—Lao style (extra fish sauce, extra chili)—beef larb and sticky rice.”