Faking it

If you’re just a little curious about soy-based chicken, beef or fish, ask Au Lac Veggie’s (3500 Stockton Boulevard) owner and head cook Manh Huynh:

“Our fake meats are made with soy protein. Our customers love spicy. People enjoy vegetarian Mongolian beef or Mongolian chicken dishes.

“For most vegetarian people, they are appreciative of soy protein and they find it’s good for their health. It’s less fat and low cholesterol; some people like [soy meats], some people don’t. Some people try it and cut down on their meat consumption and they find they lose weight; most come in a couple times a week.

“I add garlic and onions to make [soy meats] tastier, and I add some spicy seasonings, and after I season it, I cook it. It’s up to the customer how spicy; most of our customers like really spicy. The texture is almost similar to meat, just a little bit more chewy.”