Foot and mouth

Lynn Gowdy blogs about all things food at the newly relaunched site Sacatomato and works at Whole Foods. She is an avid foodie and hiker.

“There’s a hike between Winters and Lake Berryessa that’s up the valley and across the ridge. We like to do this on Sunday mornings and then go to the Putah Creek Café, where they pull out their portable brick oven and make wonderful thin-crust pizzas. My favorite is the one with an egg cracked in the middle. It reminds me of the vegetable pizzas from the south of France.

“We’ve also gone up to Auburn and the confluence of the rivers. There’s a hike to Cool that’s really nice. Then we bring a change of clothes and go eat at Carpe Vino. I love their charcuterie plate. They work with the local farmers, and it’s all very fresh and wonderful. It’s nice to go get a good workout before eating there.”