Carroty goodness

Shannon Jewel runs the wholesale vegan Bicycle Bakery ( out of Davis. I asked her how she started and where to find her goodies. Call her at (530) 570-1954 for special orders.

“I graduated from Berkeley, and I made vegan baked goods there on request in the fine-arts department. I believe any recipe can be ‘veganized.’ You convert over a substitute for the egg and the butter and you’re good to go.

“I started selling retail at Whole Foods. I also supply the UC Santa Cruz student co-op and the south Sacramento Kaiser [Permanente] cafe. My gluten-free oat bars are very popular with the operating-room nurses.

“The most popular item is the carrot cake with Tofutti cream cheese frosting. I put in tons of pineapple chunks and hand-grate the carrots. It’s visually very appealing. I think people can appreciate that it’s chock-full of rich ingredients.”