Almost vegan

Whole Foods Market

4315 Arden Way
Sacramento, CA 95864

(916) 488-2800

Marina Kercher heads the culinary center at Whole Foods (4315 Arden Way). She recently went vegan, so I asked her how it’s going.

“It started with a dairy allergy, so I cut that out. I noticed that I had more energy and was sleeping better at night, and my skin cleared up. It became a focus for me to find plant-based protein sources and then to make it all taste good.

“I made nut burgers, and the best part was that I made a vegan basil aioli with a base of soy yogurt, white wine and olive oil. I used a mixed roasted nut package from Whole Foods for the burgers.

“I have cheated a little. If I limit myself, I won’t be happy, so I went to sushi one night. I try to think of what I can have, not what I can’t have. I start at produce and build my meals out of that.”