Issue: February 25, 2010

Dear Readers,

Like talk radio, but hate stupidity? Then you need Radio Parallax, the KDVS talk show hosted by Doug DeSalles, where no topic is off-limits and no ignorance goes unexposed. SN&R’s Rachel Leibrock talks about the little show that makes up for low Arbitron numbers in the breadth and scope of its intelligent discussion.

Also this week, Cosmo Garvin takes a nibble at a proposed ban on importing frogs and turtles from other states for sale in California markets. Uh, yes, that’s where turtle soup and fricasseed frog come from, folks, and imported animals have a way of ending up in the wild instead of in dinner, which causes all sorts of problems for native wildlife.

And there’s a retired UC Davis professor who went all Da Vinci Code on an ancient Mexican book called the Codex Cardona, a 16th century manuscript that seemed to appear out of nowhere, only to disappear again.

Finally, Be Brave Bold Robot has a sophomore album on the way. Find out about the release party.