Sat, Feb 27, Persephone’s Bees

Blue Lamp, 9 p.m., $8

Blue Lamp

1400 Alhambra
Sacramento, CA 95816

(916) 455-3400

Blue Lamp changed the corner of Alhambra Boulevard and N Street, and this Saturday the venue will celebrate its 10th anniversary. Oakland’s Persephone’s Bees will headline, bringing its glam-rock ditties to a site that’s probably blasted its fair share of hair rock and pop anthems over the years, at one time with “juice” and “pole climbers,” no? Anyway, Bees will stick to stage antics of a more family-friendly kind, so hug the front row and save your ones for cocktails at B.L.’s revamped lounge in the back, where you can down drinks and take in local art. Congrats, Blue Lamp. With Mike Farrell and Jeepster. 1400 Alhambra Boulevard,