To grow on

Amber Stott, blog mistress of Awake at the Whisk (, is an ardent gardener. I asked her to tell me what she’s growing now.

“The thing that’s most exciting right now in my garden is a cross between broccoli and cauliflower [called Romanesco]. It’s a lovely spring green color. I’ll probably pick my first this weekend.

“The winter is the best time for making stir-fries, since mint, cilantro and chives are all ripe at the same time. I also have something called cutting celery that looks like parsley but tastes like celery. It grows back the more you cut it.

“I have lots of oranges, but another neighbor has grapefruit and another has a lemon tree. I did a Meyer lemon-themed brunch recently with a lemon quiche, lemon bread, and a fruit salad using lemon juice and honey. The brightness of everything that’s fresh right now is amazing—it’s almost like you can taste the winter rains.”