Issue: May 06, 2010


This week, Bites catches up with Queen Meg at her campaign stop in Folsom. Or was it Fresno? Then, read Stephanie Rodriguez’s report on Proposition 17. Sounds like one auto-insurance giant wants to take voters for a ride. Also this week: Mayor Kevin Johnson figures out that strong mayors in world-class cities love the environment. Get the rundown on K.J.’s “green initiative” in our (award-winning) Green Days section. Plus, our publisher Jeff vonKaenel wonks it up in D.C., Alastair Bland goes on a mulberry mission impossible, and the U.S. birthrate balloon goes pop.

Feature story

We were astounded by the depth of energy, emotion and intelligence revealed in the more than 350 college-entrance essays that flew into our e-mail box from local high-school seniors this past month. And we are thrilled now to present the winning essays in SN&R’s 2010 College Essay Contest. Read here the first-, second- and third-place essays (a three-way tie for third!) as well as excerpts from some that made it into our pool of finalists.


Every year, the summer-movie season start date creeps even earlier into spring. Thankfully, though, SN&R’s movie critics Jonathan Kiefer, Jim Lane and Daniel Barnes are here to keep Hollywood in check; it isn’t time for summer blockbusters until they friggin’ say so, all right? Also this week: Rachel Leibrock celebrates 50 years on the pill, Greg Lucas digs cafeteria food, Jim Lane goes Freddy Krueger, John Phillips talks rock and haircuts, and Jeff McCrory ponders the new M.I.A. video.