Sat, May 8, Art of the DJ

Havoc, 6 p.m., no cover

Havoc Urban Boutique

918 24th St.
Sacramento, CA 95816

(916) 444-8088

Something different: Airbrush artist Sunny-The-Artist will use DJ Rated R’s (pictured) old vinyl as a canvas, spray-painting to Rated R’s Run DMC tribute set. The end result: a new work of art, painted on a collection of vinyl, performed live out front of Havoc on 24th Street. Kirk Parker will also make screen prints. Oh, and inside, there’ll be a fixed-gear bike pop-up show, by Epic BMX. If you’ve never been to Second Saturday at Havoc, you’re missing turntablists, dance-offs, packed sidewalks and no Serato. Make it a stop. 918 24th Street,