Chow 2010

SN&R’s annual guide to eating out

There’s never any blood shed or jabs taken, but when my girlfriend and I try to choose a place to have dinner, it’s typically quite the ordeal. I want something different, even bizarre. She wants something familiar, tried and true. The end result usually isn’t pretty, and both of us often are disappointed.

It doesn’t have to be like this: SN&R’s Chow 2010, our annual guide to eating, snacking, noshing and sipping, is a great resource for where to grab a bite in the greater Sacramento region. This year, there are more than 65 options. That should cover you for at least 52 weeks, right?

So, never again will you have to drive aimlessly past restaurant after restaurant, arguing over at which one to stop off. Give all these spots a spin.

Chow listings

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