Pedal power

Doesn’t this guy know both pant legs don’t need to be rolled up?

Doesn’t this guy know both pant legs don’t need to be rolled up?

Sacramento Bicycle Kitchen

1915 I St.
Sacramento, CA 95814

(916) 596-8300

May is Leg-powered Transportation Month.

Technically, it’s called Bike Month. Since the word bike references a two-wheeled contraption, I decided to rename it Leg-powered Transportation Month to be more politically correct. Tricycles, unicycles, recumbent bikes, tandem bikes and those who depend on training wheels shouldn’t be left out of the May festivities.

Until this new name catches on, bicycles are the featured mode of transport this month. They can also help riders win awesome prizes. In honor of the power of the legs, Sacramento Bicycle Kitchen is hosting Hunt the Grid II on Saturday, May 8, from 2 to 6 p.m. Yeah, it sounds like the name of a cheesy horror movie, however, this event is a bicycle scavenger hunt through Midtown and downtown where teams of four riders race across the city to find trinkets, images and landmarks. Winners can garner prizes from OneSpeed Pizza, Old Soul Co., City Bicycle Works, Sugar Plum Vegan and more. Last year, Hunt the Grid was crazy popular with more than 100 participants, and it will be even larger this year.

Following the event, the Bicycle Kitchen will open for a Second Saturday celebration, featuring music by Clan Dyken and Smoot Valley High, art on display by Gina Disney and beer from local breweries. You might want to have a designated pedaler.