Plastic bodies

If only the Egyptians had this body-preserving technology.

If only the Egyptians had this body-preserving technology.

Bodies Revealed Exhibition Center

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Sacramento, CA 95825

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Anyone who has played a sport or suffered an injury from said sport has undoubtedly studied their body and how it works.

However, visitors to Bodies Revealed will be enlightened by how the human body looks while cycling or catching a baseball—from the inside.

Bodies Revealed, an exhibition dedicated to revealing the inner workings of the human anatomy, will return to Sacramento on Saturday, April 24, and will run through the end of August.

The world-famous exhibition features 14 complete bodies and more than 200 preserved organs, but not in the Egyptian Pharaoh kind of way.

All organs and bodies have been carefully preserved using a technique called polymer preservation, where liquid silicone rubber is injected into the body, replacing a body’s water and fats with plastics. This form of preservation gives the bodies extended longevity for scientific study by preventing the decaying process.

Curious Sacramentans of all ages can dive into the depths of the body’s complicated circulatory system or peak into the intricately woven muscular system. Other systems on display include the respiratory, reproductive and digestive systems, all made possible by the polymer preservation technique.

The specimen featured in Bodies Revealed are sometimes displayed in typical poses, exposing how muscles look from the inside when humans throw a baseball or play a violin. Some cases display both healthy and diseased organs to give comparative examples on how the body works.

This exhibit definitely shows all anatomy enthusiasts that humans are more than just skin deep.